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2009-10-16 03:00 pm
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My first meme...

I've been tagged, so this is my

The What I Think Of Ianto Jones Meme!

The Rules: Select your answers to the following questions and post it in your LJ, then tag five people to complete the meme as well!

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2009-08-19 12:00 pm
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Happy Birthday Ianto Jones...

Ianto rules!!! So do his fans :)

It's amazing the amount they raised for the Children In Need charity fund.
As of today it's up at 6,550.00 British pounds. And it's still going up!!!
That would be 7,579.04 Euros or 10,779.51 US Dollars. WOW!
At the moment the Save Ianto Jones campaign is the second in the top fundraisers for Children In Need.

Use the widget above to give your support or visit
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2009-08-06 12:00 pm
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Comments, posts, things I like and stole to keep

[ profile] nancybrown wrote:

Timeline fallout. Someone is/was/will be mucking about with the histories of Team Torchwood, so Owen is born in both 1974 and 1980, the Elektro closed in 1977 but Ianto's father took him there when he was a kid in the late 1980's, and his dad was a master tailor who also was a cashier at Debenham's. Eventually, it will be revealed that Jack crossed his own timeline a dozen times and actually fathered them all, including himself. When this is revealed, the Doctor will arrange to have Jack dismembered and put into separate large jars, for the good of the universe, the sake of reality, but mainly so he can put the jar with the organ that gets Jack into the most trouble into storage on the TARDIS. 

Made of win and the only logical explanation of the Torchwood universe.
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2009-07-27 03:00 pm
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That After Elton article...

“Buffy” Vs. “Torchwood”: Which Did a Better Job Killing Its Gay Character?

"And for the record, as one of the fans upset by Ianto Jones death to the extent that I can't see myself watching again, even if there is another series, I took great personal offence at some of Davies comments - especially the interview with the "go watch Supernatural, those boys are beautiful" one. I did not watch Torchwood or like Ianto Jones because I wanted to get into his pants. I wanted to get into his head. Because he was bi like me, learning to love someone of his own gender and such a genuinely identifiable character that I could empathise with. That is why I was so angry at his death.

And why I will miss him so very much. Or will I?

Because this is sci fi. And anything is possible."

This. This is from one of the comments over at the After Elton website. And this is precisely why RTD is a twat. He just doesn't understand. Or pretends he doesn't understand, which is even worse. He had a precious gem and he threw it away.
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2009-07-23 09:00 pm
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Fuck Torchwood... again.

"She’s all business, as opposed to Jack and Ianto, who are sort of the comic relief." Eve Myles, talking about Gwen.


The comic relief???

Pardon me if I missed the laugh.

And seriously, the fucking comic relief? Wasn't Jack the fucking main character in Torchwood?

I never realised he was just the fucking "comic relief".

Now that I think about it, Jack was a total laugh, what with his boyfriend dying and other comic things like killing his own grandson, eh?
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2009-07-12 07:05 pm
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Debenhams. Enough said.

Anyone wants to help me make a list of the amount of shit and abuse a certain character went through at the hands of the writers? Just for the lulz, because the more I think about this the more I get angry and any minute now I'm going for mass slaughter. So?

The way the character of Ianto Jones is treated in CoE is offensive, for the simple reason that the ONLY information we get about him, the only information the new viewers who have never seen Torchwood before are given about him, is that he is gay.

Was that the only thing that defined his character? Honestly, wasn't there anything else more interesting that could have been said about him?

Oh, wait. There was one. Debenhams!

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2009-06-30 03:00 pm
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Moar pics :)

From this week issue of Radio Times magazine, the whole picture also have Gwen and Rhys. Thanks to Snow who posted these on the GB forum. Click to make them bigger.

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2009-06-28 07:44 pm
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Torchwood CoE promo pictures

Only my top favourites, though. Click on the images to get to the huge pictures. And when I say huge, I mean it :)

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2009-06-17 09:00 pm
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Torchwood audiobook and radio plays

Today I've received the Torchwood audiobook "The Sin Eaters" in my mail, read by the lovely Gareth David-Lloyd (Ianto Jones in Torchwood). Needless to say I'm going to listen to those beautiful Welsh vowels tonight :)
BBC RADIO 4 will air the Torchwood radio plays on July 1, 2 and 3 in preparation for Children of Earth, supposed to air on Monday July 6 on BBC1. These are the covers:
AsylumGolden AgeThe Dead Line
Wednesday 1 July - 2.15-3.00 pmThursday 2 July - 2.15-3.00 pmFriday 3 July - 2.15-3.00 pm