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I've been tagged, so this is my

The What I Think Of Ianto Jones Meme!

The Rules: Select your answers to the following questions and post it in your LJ, then tag five people to complete the meme as well!

When I saw Ianto for the first time I thought:
a) Oh look, they got a work experience kid in!
b) Are you old enough to be up this late?
c) Mmmmmm you can guard my entrance any day
d) WOW that's a very Welsh accent
e) I'm definitely watching this new series!!!

When I found out about Lisa I was:
a) Betrayed
b) Angry
c) Understanding/sympathetic
d) Wondering if they would let Jack join them for a threesome
e) Liked the connection with DW, the insight to Ianto's motivations and to the Jack/Ianto working and personal relationship.

When he headbutted that cannibal I thought:
a) YES! Kick ass Ianto Jones!
b) Oh, that is so just gonna make him angry
c) Ow! (offering to kiss it better optional)
d) Don't damage your face!
e) Other

When I saw Jack with the REAL Captain Jack I thought:
a) Oh wow, such a heartbreaking and tender moment of joy between two warriors
b) Um dude, reality check? He is SO gonna get lynched by his men tonight. You may have just changed history and his disappearance is actually friendly fire...
c) You bastard!! What about Ianto?!
d) Ohgod I want a Captain Sandwich...
e) Other

When I saw Ianto shoot Owen I thought:
a) Finally someone has!! :P
b) You git, leave Owen alone!
c) Ow. (offering to kiss it better optional)
d) Holy moly, Ianto looks hot with a gun...
e) Other 

When Jack and Ianto finally kissed on screen I thought:
a) Hubba hubba!
b) I want to see the outtakes of THAT little scene as JB would so never have let them get it done in one take
c) Ewwww boys kissing!
d) But Jack and the real Captain Jack/The Doctor are meant to be!
e) Other

When Captain John had Ianto in the lift I thought:
a) Ohgod they would have the most amazing hate!sex....
b) Mmmm Angry Ianto
c) Oh come on, how easy are you to trap?!
d) If John is really that ruthless (and everyone dies young in TW) why didn't he just kill Ianto then?
e) Other

When Captain John offered an orgy I thought:
a) HELL YES!! Thats my kind of Team Torchwood
b) As long as Gwen (delete as applicable) isn't involved... SHE HAS RHYS!!!
c) But Ianto and Jack are a Couple!! They are for eachother only!
d) Ewww man sex orgy? Gross!!
e) Other

When Ianto was buying wedding dresses I thought:
a) Oh wow he would look good in a dress...
b) I wish I was wedding dress shopping, it looks like such fun!
c) Now that is a man with taste...
d) But what would he know about wedding dresses? Why not send Tosh instead, Gwen is sure to have forced her to look at shared wedding magazines reading with her?
e) Other

When Gwen walked into the hot house in THAT scene I thought:
b) Come on cameraman, pan down, pan down....
c) Ewwwwwww boys kissing!!
d) Now that is not going to be good for the ferns
e) Come on cameraman, focus on the main scene!!!

When Ianto used a JCB to break Jack, Gwen and Rhys out of trouble I thought:
a) Ohgod, he looks like a village person!
c) Mmmmm love the hat
d) I wish I could see the scene where Ianto went up to a builder and said "I need your clothes, your boots and your JCB" Arnie style
e) Gwen and Rhys are, as always, very very lucky!

When Ianto *spoilers if you have been living on Mars but you so know what I mean* had his "Serious Drama" moment I thought:
a) RTD YOU ******* *******
c) Wow what a fabulous piece of drama! Heartbreaking, brilliant and totally necessary and in keeping with the TW mythos
d) About time, they've been planning this since they first put him in a Red Shirt...
e) Other

For Series 4 I want...
a) Ianto back
b) Ianto left in peace
c) Ianto's hard work in getting Jack to love not going to waste as Jack finds a new piece of arse relationship
d) Ianto's sister to stay in the show as she was very cool
e) Other

And finally, if someone said to me Save Ianto Jones I would think...
a) Ianto Jones doesn't need saving. He kicks death in the teeth before stealing its scythe and using it to give himself a shave so clean that he won't even snag the silk stockings he's making Jack wear as punishment for being suck a frickin idiot in the first place.
b) But why didn't anyone shout out when the others left, eh, eh, EH??!!
c) Ahh you're talking about the Children In Need collection at
d) Ahhh you're talking about the "9 Hysterical women" at savecoffeeboy who are raising money for charity, sending letters and coffee to the BBC, signing petitions, making badges and leaflets and trying to get the BBC to bring back Ianto Jones in a polite but dedicated manner - whilst making a few new like minded friends along the way
e) Other

I tag: a_silver_story, lady_house, kelticbanshee, pure_morning_8, satanassa
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